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About Us

Our purpose is to provide a solution that promotes positive behaviour by encouraging individual responsibility for personal health, as well as creating a measurable and sustainable strategy that supports water conservation.

Green Logik is a family owned business and level 1 BBBEE contributor that was established in 2014 by Dawn and Barry Petersen.

The idea for the Green Logik Lunch-Box Buddy® initiated from the Petersen’s attempts to find a practical solution to the issue of their children’s daily hygiene routines at school.

Children typically don’t wash their hands before eating lunch and, despite their regular reminders, the Petersens were struggling with their kid’s adoption of hygiene habits. Initially they introduced sanitiser bottles to their school bags, but these would either remain unused and discarded in the bag, or be lost.

After a few months of trial and error, Lunch-Box Buddy® was born – a 2ml anti-bacterial, waterless hand sanitiser sachet that was placed in the children’s lunch-box. The Petersens insisted that the empty sachet be placed back in the lunch-box as proof of use, and before long they began noticing some changes within their household. Not only were their kids developing good hygiene habits, but they were also getting sick a lot less often – this also meant that the overall health of the entire household improved.

It was then that the founders of Green Logik realised that the issue of daily hygiene was not only applicable to school-going children, but to adults as well.

The busy adult comes into contact with numerous surfaces and possible sources of harmful bacteria during a typical work day: eating lunch on the go, utilising communal bathrooms and kitchens, going out on site, travelling to meetings, shaking hands, etc. Bathroom trips to regularly wash hands are a interruption and a time-consuming exercise for most people.
There are plenty of areas where hygiene is also a challenge; such as hospitals and clinics, airlines, restaurants, universities/colleges, and shopping centres amongst others.

In addition, water conservation is something the founders were acutely conscious of as they reside in the Cape Province, which is experiencing a major drought and water restrictions. Using a hand sanitiser can save at least two litres of water and is a practical solution to water conservation.

Green Logik is proud to be an advocate of positive change – assisting individuals in conserving natural resources and establishing beneficial hygiene habits.

Green Logik aims to address two global challenges:

Water conservation: When you substitute hand washing (soap and water) with a 2ml sanitiser, you contribute a minimum of two litres to water conservation.

Poor hand hygiene: Studies have shown that this is the leading cause of common illnesses. Eighty percent of illnesses are caused by germs that are spread by hand contact. Placing a 2ml sanitiser in a lunch-box or with a catered meal, encourages good hand hygiene. Clean hands are safe hands!