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Corporate Services

Brief overview of our product: Single Application Waterless Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitiser Sachet

  • The gel is tested for efficacy to kill germs in less than one minute. (SANS 5261)
  • A 2ml sachet, single application, is the correct amount for efficacy and therefore prevents waste and abuse.
  • The gel is classified as ‘Green’.
  • Due to the size of the packaging, it can more easily be integrated into operations directed at health and/or wellness, as well as water conservation.
  • The sachet can be branded to communicate any policy or message to staff (vision, mission, hygiene, water conservation).
  • We propose that a sachet accompanies all meals, as a compliment to the catering services. When presented with the meal, you are encouraging hand hygiene and improving your guests/employees experience with your organisation.

Improving Health, Saving Time and Money

Germs can spread quickly within the workplace, and a healthier community means healthier employees. Educating your employees on hand hygiene and then providing them with the appropriate tools can reduce:

  • the number of people who get sick with diarrhoea by 31%.
  • diarrhoeal illness in individuals with weakened/compromised immune systems by 58%.
  • the occurrence of respiratory illnesses (like colds and flu) in the general population by 21%.
  • the frequency of employees taking sick days, thereby maintaining the general productivity of your business.

Recommended areas to be implemented:

  • Airlines : Passengers are confined for an extended time in finite space with limited facility to properly clean their hands prior to eating. Providing a sanitiser sachet with the in-flight meal ensures that your passengers hands are germ free prior to eating. It will without doubt improve their experience with your airline. Sanitiser sachets can be fully branded at no additional cost.
  • Restaurants/fast food outlets : When eating out, convenience and good service are key. Memorable experiences cultivates customer loyalty and by extending your health and safety practices beyond the kitchen, you can add to your customer’s overall experience of your eatery. Additionally, the ‘green’ aspect of the product, can be used in marketing material to customers.
  • Hospitals – Infection Control : Could patient safety initiatives focusing on hand hygiene be the missing link? Over the years studies have shown that good hand hygiene reduces germ transmission and hospital acquired infections. These initiatives have mainly been a focus for the healthcare worker. Taking a holistic approach by extending the practice to the patients could reduce self-contamination, extended stays and additional costs. Providing a single anti-bacterial sanitiser sachet with each catered meal provides the patient with a waterless and effortless solution to practice hand hygiene as well as the reminder to practice hand hygiene prior to eating to avoid transfer of bacteria into the body. In addition, there is a measurable contribution to water conservation in an environment where personal hygiene should not be compromised.
  • Outdoor Events/ Marketing Events/ Expo’s : Reach your market with branded sachets.
    Brand awareness is key to all businesses, and each time the sanitiser is used, your brand is exposed. A sanitiser sachet is small and convenient and a few sachets in a “goodie bag” will be an inexpensive marketing tool. Those same sanitiser sachets will be shared with friends/colleagues, once again exposing the brand.
  • Corporate/Companies : In-house catering or food courts can compliment their meals with a sanitiser sachet, which focuses on the well-being of your employees and can form part of your Employee Wellness Strategy.It has been proven that soap dispensers are only used 50% of the time, which means that you achieve 50% of the desired result. Introducing a sachet requires no maintenance (no contracts required to refill dispensers).


Customised Branding

You may re-brand the sachet to include a message to your staff and
clients with your logo. The sachet can be branded at no additional cost.