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Why Lunch-Box Buddy®

During our daily routines we pick up numerous germs from people and objects that we come into contact with. These germs are transferred from our fingers to our mouths, and can contaminate our bodies, causing illnesses.

Benefits of using Lunch-Box Buddy®

1. Our Product is tested:

  • Tested in a accordance with SANS 5261 for zero bacterial growth in less than one minute
  • Effectively reduces the chance of germ transmission and illnesses caused by germs on the hands.Lunch-Box Buddy

2. Waterless is water-wise:

  • With no need for water, our product offers the convenience of being able to practice hand hygiene anywhere.
  • Dries in 15 seconds and is the fastest way of Practicing proper hand hygiene
  • There is no requirement to rinse your hands, once the product dries, your hands are germ free.

3. Single Application:

1 Sachet = 1 Hand Wash = 2L of Water Saved

  • 2ml Waterless Antibacterial Gel is the right amount to dehydrate and kill the bacteria, using less is ineffective and using more is wasteful
  • The sachet is small enough to pack with a meal (lunch-box or catered meal), or kept in your pocket/purse.
  • When packed with a meal it’s pro-actively the visual reminder to practice hand hygiene. No other product reminds you to use it.
  • It is cost effective as you don’t need to replace a bottle if lost, you have plenty more sachets in the pack.
  • Sold in monthly packs or bulk packs, which allows for sharing in families or businesses.
  • A sealed sachet remains fresh for up to two years and does not lose its efficacy.

4. Fragranced:

  • The light fragrance deodorises the hands and leaves them feeling fresh and moisturised. Currently Available in Bubblegum and Lavender.

5. Packaging:

  • Sachets are double sealed to prevent leaks, and therefore safe to place with meals.  Our packaging is also the most informative in the market creating awareness on the ripple effect of poor hand hygiene.