Lunch Box Buddy Hand Sanitiser (BubbleGum) – 60 Sachets


Lunch-Box Buddy 60 x 2ml Sachets : Waterless BubbleGum Scent Anti-Bacterial Gel

2ml is the correct amount for use for efficacy. 60 Sachets is a Term (3 months) supply with one sachet in the lunch-box daily for 54-56 school days. Bubblegum is a fun fragrance.

The product is 70% Ethanol based which is the correct quantity to kill bacteria on contact, with emollients which prevent drying of the skin even with repeated use.

The product takes about 15 seconds to dry. Lunch-Box Buddy is a tested waterless alternative to soap and water. The sanitiser in the lunch-box is a visual reminder especially for children, allowing them to clean their hands where they are, effortless and waterless.

Children are more keen to adapt a habit if they like what they do, relating to the smell of Bubblegum encourages use.

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