The Real Moisturising Pocket Hand Sanitiser Refil


The Real Moisturising Pocket Hand Sanitiser Refill Bottle

(Re-use, re-duce, re-cycle) – 1500+ Sprays

The Refill bottle fills your Pocket Sprayer 5 times and offers over 1500 sprays.  This equates to less than 4c a spray!

The liquid is an anti-microbial hand lotion containing 70% Ethanol, emollients, a biocide and pure essential oils which attributes to the quality of the sanitiser.. No Artificial fragrances are used, the fragrance is derived purely from the essential oil.

All our products are tested for efficacy SANS 5261.

How to Refill: Remove the plug on the back of the sprayer, use the handy nozzle bottle to fill your unit and replace the plug firmly.  Do not use any sharp object to remove the plug, initially it will be tight, thereafter it will be easier to remove.

Orders less than R650 including Vat will incur delivery fees.

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