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In schools and education institutions, there are generally limited facilities that accommodate hand hygiene (ratio of basins vs learners). It is also an inconvenience to stand in a queue to wash your hands and the time wasted often discourages the practice.

Additionally lack of hand wash/soap and towels is common, and these are often contaminated by germs in the first place.

Lunch-Box Buddy® is a simple solution to these issues – this single application can be placed daily in the learner’s lunch-box, and serves as a visual reminder to clean their hands before they eat.

  • The product is tested for efficacy and kills germs on the hands in less than one minute
  • The gel dries in 15 seconds. It is the fastest way your child can practice proper hand hygiene, whether eating in the classroom, or in the middle of the school field.
  • The convenience of not having to visit the bathroom before eating, will give your child the much needed play time after eating
  • The chance of germ transmission is dramatically reduced as it will more likely be the last thing they will do before eating.
  • Your child will avoid possible contamination from the bathroom as they will not be touching any taps, doorknobs or coming into contact with someone who may not have washed their hands after using the facilities.
  • Lastly, parents can be at ease knowing that they are simultaneously teaching hygiene habits and social responsibility in the form of water conservation, to their children.
When schools incorporate this product into their environment there will be a noticeable difference in the health of their students.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers in schools can be a costly exercise which includes maintenance of those dispensers.

The sachet in the lunch-box is a more pro-active approach ensuring children are practicing hygiene only when they are ready to eat, which reduces waste and the cost of unnecessary use.

The cost also becomes the responsibility of the Parent investing in the health of their children.

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